Solutions Delivered.

Human Capital Consulting

As human capital consultants, Delivery Point Advisors will give you leverage wherever and whenever people will make the difference. The difference between “what is” and “what can be.” Between stagnation and growth. Between the competition and you.

We offer a broad spectrum of results-driven solutions that make the most of human capital and transform businesses. The variables are many. We work in industries from financial services to leading-edge tech and functionally across the Executive spectrum from CEOs to CTOs and SVPs to Board of Directors. We offer services throughout the life stage of business and partner with Fortune 100 to private equity and VC backed clients.

Our passion centers around helping you unlock the highest potential from your people at the top. Their capabilities will define yours. Specifically we focus on:

  • Executive Assessment & Development
  • High Performing Executive Teams
  • Leadership & Functional Assessment & Roadmap Design
  • Organization Design
  • Change Management
  • Restructuring, M&A & Integration Advisory

Please contact us at 310.205.2255 or to discuss how we may best serve your human capital needs.